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Have you heard that we need volunteers?

Think someone else will volunteer first? Well that's exactly what they think too!

So don't wait for someone else - step up. Find something here that you'd enjoy and do it!

Volunteering once doesn't mean we'll pressure you to give more time than you have to give!


We now have a way for you to sign up on line to volunteer.  The Sunday Breakfast is up. Follow the links below to sign up for  as much time as you can give. Check out other sign up sheets as well. Look at the end of each link to see what it's for.

Upcoming Events:

Dining at the Post:






We  are always looking for new volunteers.  There is room for everyone to get involved. You don't have to be a member to offer your help. We have a number of volunteers who have no other connection to the post other than a desire to help. We happily welcome them all to join our family of volunteers!

Our Post is the largest Post in the state, yet others have more active volunteers than we do. It’s time to turn this around, don't you think?  So come on down and join the others who do help out.

Below are some of the skills & talents we need. Please look this over with a creative mind and consider what you can do to help your Post. We’ll match you with the task that best fits your skills and availability. We will always respect your time constraints. 

1. Monday

Every Monday is “Clean the Post Day” at 9 AM, and all are encouraged to take a turn! Before getting down to business, donuts and coffee are supplied to our volunteers. When the task is done, it’s free lunch! Come do what you can – it will be very appreciated!

2. Rise and Shine!

Come be a part of the most energetic kitchen crew you ever saw in action on Sunday morning! They will greet you with smiling faces and feed you delicious food! Breakfast preparation begins at 6 AM, and clean up ends around noon. Jump in and join the fun by volunteering a few hours when you can!

3. Volunteer Coordinator
This should be someone who is detail oriented, a people person, and well organized. Once the volunteer system is set up, the Coordinator should only have to spend a few hours per month keeping things flowing smoothly. This is a very important position as we have people who want to help at the Post. Note: This could be a shared position - a legionnaire and an auxiliary member? Husband & wife? This could be committee co-chairmanship. 
This position involves:
  1. Determining the volunteer needs with input from officers and others at the post
  2. Create the sign up/reminder sheets at the volunteer website. This is very quick and easy to do and takes care of everything for you from sign up to reminders.
  3. Keeping a record of volunteers, what they did, and how much time they spent, so they can be recognized for their efforts. Again, easily done with the volunteer website. This is also helpful for future event planning.
If you feel you have the skills and want to see our Post grow, be the leader and commit to this very important position, please call the Post at 773-9054 ASAP. 

Remember, the words “Never Volunteer”? That ceased to apply when you left the military!

Want to know some specifics that need to be done? Look at the next page.  


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